Salem Covid-19 Measures

Salem Covid-19 Measures

Salem Baptist Chapel, Peterborough COVID–19 Rules

Though the country has been placed under a national lockdown churches have been exempted from closure as per government provisions. The fact that we have been spared from closure should however not be taken for granted. For this privilege, the government expects us to abide by the Covid-19 guidance for the safe use of places of worship.

It is therefore imperative that we strictly adhere to the following rules to ensure that we keep in line with the Word of God and the law of the land:

  1. Always keep socially distanced from those who are not part of your household and wear face masks unless you are legally exempted.
  1. Parents must always keep their children with them before, during and after the service.
  1. All must sanitise their hands before entry into the chapel and upon exit.
  1. Please stay at home and join online by livestream if you: –
    1. Have a new continuous cough.
    2. Are running a high temperature.
    3. Experience a Loss of taste of smell.
    4. Are shielding or are vulnerable
  1. We will not sing in the services until further notice. We shall instead silently meditate on the hymns as the pre-recorded hymns are played.
  1. We must disperse immediately after the service is over and not stay on inside or outside within the chapel grounds.
  1. Please remain seated until you are ushered out a row at a time.

Please note that non-adherence to these rules shall mean that we may have to decide to close the chapel for in-person worship in order to abide by God’s Word and the law.

Covid 19 Rules at Salem Revised 09-01-2021
Covid 19 Rules at Salem Revised 09-01-2021 – Download PDF